2021 brought some BIG news (and small figures) to collectors as SUPER IMPULSE debuted their line of World's Smallest Garbage Pail Kids toys!


The initial release from Super Impulse was a 'Pop Culture Micro Figure' that came with it's own mini-case meant to resemble (carded) toys from the 80s and today. These mini display figures came packaged in a larger (clear-plastic) clamshell case, and included: (1) figure, (1) mini case, (1) mini sticker

Series 1 Adam Bomb

To date there have been TWO Series released, with six figures in each series (three characters with two names each per series), for a total of 12 unique Mini Display Figures. Series 1 debuted in March, 2021 - and Series 2 was released (will be released) in March, 2022. Below is a gallery showing the six different sculpts:


Super Impulse released a set of Blind Box toys in January, 2021. This release was a follow-up to their 'World's Smallest' figures that debuted in March, 2020, and came packaged in miniature trash cans as opposed to traditional blind boxes. This 'Micro Collection' featured 78 official items to collect: (31) GPK Figures, (23) GPK Wacky Mini Grocery items, (24) Stickers

The packaging of the trash cans is covered with examples of some of the items that can be found inside. Each trash can (blind box) came with the following: (1) GPK Figure, (1) GPK Wacky Mini Grocery item, (2) stickers, (1) checklist


There were no checklists included with the Mini Display Case figures, but there were checklists included inside the trash cans that show pictures of the various items to collect. Below are images of the included-checklists that you can click on to see hi-res versions. I have also included a printable checklist that you can use to track your collection (click the image to open a .pdf)

There have been a variety of various GPK mini figures released over the years, and this incredibly-fun set of toys definitely fits into any collection. The quality of these are fantastic, and the company is well-known and respected in the business. The items from Super Impulse can be found in stores like Target, Meijer, etc. - or purchased online at a variety of outlets!