In May, 2021 GET A GRIP launched onto the scene without warning...delivering some new skateboards and some amazing blind-bag skateboard wheels to collectors!

It's not often a brand new collectible comes along that fans haven't seen a dozen times before (mugs, shirts, figures, etc.) - but that's exactly what happened when Get A Grip Skateboards launched their Blind Bag Skateboard Wheels. And even when they released something previously-done (GPK Skateboards), they did it with an understanding of the hobby, and appreciation for the history of GPK

To date there have been a total of TWO Skateboards, and ONE Series of wheels released from Get A Grip. This page provides detailed pictures and information about the Officially Licensed Garbage Pail Kids-themed releases from GAG!


The blind-bag skateboard wheels from Get A Grip Skateboards where released on May 1, 2021, and came in a foil bag sealed with a re-closeable zipper (once opened). The front of the bag featured the company logo and the trademark 'GPK', while the back of the bag contained a checklist and the Get A Grip mascot

The checklist states "Collect all 8 wheels", and lists out the characters that were part of the release...but it also lists a 'CHASE' Adam Bomb wheel (see below for more info on the 'CHASE' wheels). Below are pictures of the blind bag from Get A Grip:

Blind Bag (front)
Blind Bag (back)

There was one wheel inside each bag, and each wheel featured one Original Series Garbage Pail Kids character on the front with a blank white back. The designs all feature a small drawing of the character's head, accompanied by their name drawn using fonts and colors to match the original sticker

Below is a visual checklist of each character from the original release:

Adam Bomb
Junkfood John
Nasty Nick
Bony Joanie
Dead Ted
Ghastly Ashley
New Wave Dave
Tee-Vee Stevie

As mentioned above there was a 'CHASE' wheel listed on the back of the blind bag. The 'official' Chase wheel is the Black Adam Bomb (pictured below). This was inserted randomly into shipments with no odds given

Additionally Get A Grip snuck a few 'Proof' wheels into orders as well. To date there have been THREE different Proof Wheels discovered: Adam Bomb 'Mono Proof' (B&W Adam Bomb Wheel), Adam Bomb 'Gum Proof' (Pink & White Adam Bomb Wheel), and the Tee-Vee Stevie 'Gloss Proof' (Stevie wheel but with Gloss Coat). Each wheel was numbered out of four (#/4) on the back of the wheel (see pics below)

Adam Bomb
Official Chase
Adam Bomb
Proof Wheel
Adam Bomb
Proof Wheel
Tee-Vee Stevie
Proof Wheel


The skateboard decks from Get A Grip were packaged in a large transparent 'ziploc bag' that featured Adam Bomb on the front with various logos/branding. The packaging allowed the collector to see what color deck they received, but obscured the number (see below)

Adam Bomb Skateboard Bag

Get A Grip have released two skateboard designs. The 'Heritage GPK' deck was released on May 21, 2021, and featured hi-res images of Original Series Garbage Pail Kids boxes stacked on top of one-another. The 'Semi Colon' was released on June 4, 2021, and featured original artwork by artist Rory McQueen on TWO decks. This double deck offering featured half of the Colin character from OS9 on each deck.

Both deck releases were numbered to 300 total decks. The skateboards were hand-numbered (#/300) on a 'Get A Grip' sticker that is stuck on the top of the boards. It should be noted that the skateboards were discovered in a variety of different colors for the top of the decks...from yellow, to black, to red, to blue, and more! The variety was random, and collectors didn't know what color they would receive until they opened the box.

Nostalgia Deck
(top and bottom)
Semi Colin
(left and right)

Skateboard Deck (top)
w/ Sticker and #



Get A Grip advertised a series of collectible trading cards that were inserted into the Semi Colin deck bags. A total of four cards were available, with different availability:
* Base Card, Auto (10 available), Blue (5 available), Gold Foil (1 available)

Semi Colin Trading Card Variations


To date GAG has released a beanie and a Snapback...both are pictured below and available for purchase from their store:

Get A Grip Hats

Get A Grip have teased a Series 2 of their make sure to FOLLOW THEM ON FACEBOOK so you don't miss out!!