Series Information

  • RELEASE DATE: August, 2013
  • MASTER CHECKLIST: Click HERE to print a Chrome Series 1 Master Set Checklist
  • INFORMATION: Because Chrome Series 1 is basically the same images as OS1...and the fact the cards do NOT scan well...this page is intended to serve as an overview of the Series. Above are examples of the set/subsets...and below is detailed information about the Series.
  • ARTIST AUTOGRAPH: These cards were available in 1:498 packs
    C-NAME SHORT PRINT: This 20 card set contained a 3rd name variation ('c') of specific characters. They were available in 1:100 packs
    LOST GPK SUBSET: This 28 card set featured Garbage Pail Kids artwork that was completed but never released. These images are also in the Flashback Series releases.
    PENCIL ART SUBSET: Included in 1:3 packs, this 82 card subset featured the rough concept sketches for the Original Series 1 characters. It was also possible to find a Printing Plate for these cards in 1:3340 packs.
    PRINTING PLATE: Used in production of the Chrome Series 1 cards these were found in 1:2490 packs
    REFRACTORS: There were a number of different Refractor styles in Chrome Series 1. Atomic Refractor and X-Fractor were Retail Exclusives. The Gold Refractor were Hobby Exclusive and limited to 50 per subject. The Refractor was in 1:3 packs...Prism Refractor in 1:50 packs...and the VERY RARE SuperFractor was found in 1:9967 packs, and limited to 1 per subject.