• MADE BY: The Garbage Pail Kids Mugs were produced and released by Peter Pan Industries
  • MANUFACTURED IN: The Garbage Pail Kids Mugs from Peter Pan Industries, were manufactured in New Jersey
  • COPYRIGHT DATE: The copyright date on the bottom of the Mugs reads 1986
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Each Mug package measures 3" (interior diameter)
  • COMPLETE SET: A complete set of Garbage Pail Kids Mugs consists of four different Garbage Pail Kids character combinations

In 1986, Newark, NJ based Peter Pan Industries created a series of Garbage Pail Kids themed plastic mugs. Each mug consists of 3 Garbage Pail Kids, using images from the 1985 1st or 2nd series.

Mug #1 (side 1)
Mug #1 (side 2)
Mug #1 (side 3)

Mug #2 (side 1)
Mug #2 (side 2)
Mug #2 (side 3)

Finding 'error mugs' where the characters were printed upside down, or incorrectly is not hard to do, as Peter Pan Industries must have produced quite a few 'factory error' runs and not felt the need to destroy the errors.

Mug #3 Side 1)
Mug #3 Side 2)
Mug #3 Side 3)

Mug #4 (side 1)
Mug #4 (side 2)
Mug #4 (side 3)

The bottom of the mugs in my collection feature the Peter Pan logo and address information, as well as handling instructions - however, images can be found of the bottom of some mugs that mention a '2nd Series to Follow'. A second series was never produced, and these mugs are believed to be the only Garbage Pail Kids items ever produced by Peter Pan Industries.

Mug Bottom (typical)
Mug Bottom (w/ Ad)