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- Japan released their own version of Garbage Pail Kids called Bukimi Kun. Perhaps the most rare of all foreign releases, only a hundred or so stickers are known to exist, and I am only aware of two wrappers floating around the collecting-world (thankfully, one of them is in my collection).

- One of the most interesting and unique aspects of the foreign GPK release from Japan was the album that accompanied the release. This album featured numerous pages that were for the collector to peel and stick their Garbage Pail Kids stickers. It also featured advertisements and information for other products.

- What makes the album from Japan even more amazing is that until September 2010 there was no evidence an album even existed. Then, out of nowhere, a collector from Illinois showed up on the scene with not one, not two, but THREE albums from the Bukimi Kun series. One album was complete, one was empty, and one was just the front and back cover. I am lucky to now have a Bukimi Kun album in my collection.

- And since this item is so incredibly rare, I decided to do something I don't normal do around here...and that's post pictures of something that isn't in my collection. The reason for doing this is that these are the ONLY images of a full album and empty album in existence, and it contains stickers never-before-seen. The owner of the album was nice enough to provide me with some hi-res scans that I have used to help create the Gallery below. I hope you enjoy browsing through a once-in-a-lifetime find.

Series 1 (front) Series 1 (back)

Series 1 (front) Series 1 (back)

Album (front) Album (back)


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